WIN-WIN for Internetrix at the Hackagong competition

Posted 8 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix’s team in the HACKAGONG technology competition at the University of Wollongong in late November has provided the company with a classic win-win result.

WIN-WIN_for_Internetrix_at_the_Hackagong_competition_image_1At Hackagong, teams had 30 hours to develop a technology product from concept to final demonstration. It is an extremely demanding competition, but the Internetrix team used the time well by developing a product that has extremely valuable commercial applications for the company.

Our team of Jacinta Cali, Guy Watson, Jason Zhang and Susan Zhang came up with a brilliant web application called CheckMySite, which won the audience prize of $1000 kindly donated by Scriptrock.

As a bonus, we were able to immediately start using CheckMySite in our commercial work. Within a couple of days hundreds of unique viewers had visited the website and it had been featured in the IT section of The Australian newspaper.

Basically, CheckMySite is a mega-tool which combines a lot of existing website tools into one convenient site. This allows users (even non-technical ones) to conduct a full review of a website to obtain details such as the software it is running, its mail records, log-in details, Google Analytics tracking, Secure Socket Layer Certification for security for financial information and the safe transmission of secure data, how the site looks on different-sized devices such as computer screens and i-phones and whether it is using major content source management systems.

CheckMySite has a number of applications, but an extremely useful one for Internetrix is the way it will cut down the time required to analyse a new client’s existing website. This is something we grapple with all the time, and so we anticipate using this tool a great deal in the future.

In fact we are considering turning it into a licensed business product.

Jacinta, Guy, Jason and Susan were naturally delighted to get the audience award, because it was voted on by many of their industry peers who could see how valuable this tool could be.

And we’re all delighted to have something really useful that will make our job easier.

That’s the great reward from a competition like this. Twenty-seven teams involving 85 people took part in Hackagong, and came up with some great ideas.