Why CRM Projects Fail

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Does your business have customers? Whether you call them clients, stakeholders or something else, we all service someone. In the face of rising competition, many companies are looking at ways they can deliver better service for their customers and one of the common strategies being adopted is Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

Unfortunately, statistics on the success of CRM projects are worrying. Respected groups like Gartner and Meta report between 55 and 75 percent of CRM projects fail. If you're thinking of implementing a CRM strategy, we've got a few tips that might save you a fortune.

  • The story so far: solid potential, wasted billions
  • Relationships are a 2-way street
  • Customer-centric means everybody, everywhere
  • Recognise the effort/reward trade-off
  • Change is the only constant - expect it
  • Technology enhances, not replaces service

About the Author

Geoff McQueen is the Founder and CEO of Internetrix, a privately held internet software company based in Australia. As chief architect of Affinity, Internetrix' award-winning CRM application, Geoff has had extensive experience in service software development, consulting and technology implementation.

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