What is Snowplow?

Released in 2012, Snowplow launched as an open-source project designed to free data professionals from the limitations of traditional analytics solutions, which act as ‘black-box’ offerings with little transparency or control over your data.

In it's current state, Snowplow is a data delivery platform that allows users to collect and operationalise data at scale. Snowplow is ideal for companies who look to power sophisticated analytics use cases and data products.

As a data collection platform, Snowplow enables the collection of rich behavioural data from all of your business’ platforms and products via a suite of trackers for web, mobile, server-side applications, IoT and more.

Data can also be enhanced through a suite of third-party enrichments, allowing users to leverage their own data sets through the use of custom modules.

Snowplow collects data in real-time, allowing users to make decisions in the moment. This leads to being able to power real-time dashboards, personalisation and real-time decision making.

Data is loaded regularly into the user’s data warehouse of choice and can be formatted to a variety of business intelligence tools in order to create dashboards.

Snowplow's Three Promises

Quality Assurance.

Quality assurance means providing rich data sets, real-time and complete data packages with great accuracy. 

The software uses an upfront validation method when tracking events to ensure high-quality data makes it through the pipeline, filtering out 'bad' data and sending failed events to be stored differently.

'Bad' data can still be accessed and used to draw conclusions to further improve future performance.


A graphic of Snowplow's quality assurance model

Full Flexibility. 

Snowplow was built from the ground and was made to be flexible for all users. Users can define their own data structures, data modelling logic and pipeline configurations. Changes can be made throughout any stage to match the current needs of the business.


A graphic of Snowplow's full flexibility model

User Control.

The answer - total control. Snowplow runs natively in the users selected cloud, whether its AWS or GCP, giving users complete ownership at all times. Need to be GDPR compliant? Snowplow makes that easy by giving users control over all aspects of privacy, what data they collect, who has access to it, what they can do with it and when it expires. 

A graphic of Snowplow's total control model

To Wrap Things Up

Snowplow is a strong data collection and processing tool for sophisticated analytics use cases and data products. We hope you have found this blog helpful, and as always, if you need any assistance please get in touch to book a call with our Data and Analytics team.

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