Welcome Odyssey Travel

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix has had a number of new clients come on board since our newsletter last month, and in this edition, we're excited to showcase Odyssey Travel.

Odyssey Travel, formed in 1983, is a not-for-profit educational travel organisation. Creators of dozens of tour programmes throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, Odyssey Travel specialize in making travel both fun and educational. Led by experienced guides, and with an incredible repeat-travel rate among their customers, Odyssey Travel are a highly successful organisation on any scale.

With a mature customer base and extensive tour information to communicate to potential and confirmed travelers alike, Odyssey Travel have engaged Internetrix to review their internet and communications strategies.

In a project that is now almost completed, Internetrix staff have interviewed a number of staff at Odyssey, discussing their business needs, reviewing the website and examining ways to increase the levels of customer service provided by Odyssey staff.

Following the information gathering process, which has examined a range of the business challenges and new opportunities, Internetrix is preparing a report which will act as a blueprint for the business to use in future developments of this website and e-marketing strategies.

"We're firm believers that planning is critical to achieving success", explains Denis Simond, Executive Director of Odyssey Travel. "As experts in the travel game, we appreciate the importance of advice and experience when undertaking something new and we're excited to have Internetrix on hand to help us as experts in their field".

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