Internetrix Welcomes Miltonbrook

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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The Miltonbrook Group of Companies is the largest private property development organisation based in the Illawarra region. Since its incorporation in 1972 it has developed into a large and diverse multi-project group with a record of proven success.

The Miltonbrook Group has progressively increased its status and profile particularly in the Illawarra Region. Its excellent reputation, and that of its principals, continues to enhance the Group's standing among its joint venture partners, financial institutions, the many Government and statutory authorities with which the Group deals, and the communities within which the Group's development works are carried out. The Group's extensive local experience and understanding of the regional market is a primary factor in its success.

Internetrix have been commissioned by Miltonbrook to develop a website and communications system to facilitate their work, and build stronger ties with the community in which they do so much fine work. Given the extensive nature of their developments, a strong relationship and communications tool is essential to ensure the continued success of the Group into the future.

We look forward to bringing you news of their online success in coming months!