Welcome: Illawarra Business Chamber

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is thrilled to welcome the Illawarra Business Chamber (IBC) back as a returning client.

The IBC helps businesses across the Illawarra Region to access people, information and advice to make sound business decisions. Established in 1998 as a result of a merger between the Australian Business Chamber-Illawarra and the Wollongong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the IBC also represents and serves member interests by acting as a voice to government and decision makers.

Given the IBC's need to disseminate information to its members, Internetrix developed a website for the chamber almost three years ago. Today, with the IBC's evolving priorities, the site needs an upgrade.

"We continue to draw value from the site, but we want it to incorporate our re-branding initiatives," said IBC Chief Executive Officer Mark Grimson. "We want the site to mimic the style and aesthetic of our new brochures."

The proposed site will use a new colour scheme, new layout, improved navigation, a more striking home page and an area to highlight links with affiliated parties, projects and services.

One particular affiliation is Australian Business Limited (ABL). As one of Australia's leading business associations, ABL helps IBC provide a range of membership services to help minimize inherent risks facing Illawarra businesses today. "ABL is redesigning its site and I believe it's a perfect opportunity to align IBC's services with ABL through similar branding," he said.

With all the proposed cosmetic changes, the IBC website will remain easy for non-technical IBC staff to update. Freestyle 4.0 offers a much simpler 'point and click' interface that allows for even simpler posting and editing of text, images and documents.

The revamped site will be more user-user friendly and is expected to be a positive step in IBC's overall rebranding process. "IBC is looking forward to working with Internetrix again to re-create a professional site that will help to bring the IBC more positive exposure into the future," said Mr. Grimson.

Stay tuned for the IBC website launch!