Web Based Software - the revolution continues

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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Many people have claimed that Microsoft is losing the war to web-based software applications. With a virtual monopoly on the operating system and office productivity software markets, one could forgive them for not caring too much. However when a Microsoft Program Manager makes the claim that Microsoft is losing the war, interest peaks. Especially when the former Microsoft advocate admits that Microsoft's best days are behind it as a result of the move to web-based software.

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald highlighted the swing away from traditional desktop software, to web-based applications that run through a web-browser. The simplicity and ever-increasing usability of web-based applications are cited as factors in the push towards web-based software. However the main advantage of web-based software is its accessibility. Users are no longer restricted to the one computer; they can access their applications from any computer with an internet connection. Users can work from home, from a laptop in a hotel room, or from an airport lounge if necessary. Transcending geographical limitations makes web-based software appealing for organisations with a mobile or distributed workforce.

Current web-based applications lack a few of the interface "comforts", such as drag-and-drop ability, that Windows-based applications offer, however the simplicity of web-based applications interfaces, and the accessibility factors usually outweigh the negatives.

It seems that industry giants are beginning to learn from customer feedback that the latest and greatest applications fail to impress users as much as simple, yet effective applications that are easy to use.

Internetrix has been developing internet-based applications for clients for the last few years, and with case studies like Bible Society NSW and their efficiency increase of 150% while saving $50K p.a., this news is nothing new to us.

However, if using the internet to run your business, deliver customer service, and interact with suppliers is a new idea for you, and you would like to find out how web-based applications can help your organisations escape the limits of desktop software, give us a call on 1800 007 581.