Video Streaming

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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The internet has a reputation for being a fairly static medium in terms of presentation, dominated by text, images and, in some cases, animation. Video and audio online have been available technically for quite some time, however, the speed of most people?'s internet connections has made it a questionable investment given the quality of picture and audio that you can squeeze through a modem.

Times are changing, and the increasing rate of Broadband take-up, as well as improvements in compression technology has made streaming video and audio from your site an affordable proposition that your customers will really appreciate.

Video streaming is ideal if:
? You find you are ever sending out video-taped samples of your product or service,
? You often have training difficulties with your product or service that a demonstration can solve,
? You want to appeal to those many people out there who would prefer to get their information presented to them, rather than them having to read through your text

Internetrix can read, compress and stream your video content from any VHS video source, and can support compression technology in both Windows Media and Real Player formats. And with prices starting at only a few hundred dollars, it is an affordable service that can give your existing or planned website a real edge.

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