Understanding the User Journey - keynotes


How do we use Google Analytics (360) to understand the Customer Journey on our website? I set out to answer this question presenting a Masterclass at the Google Analytics User Conference 2016 in Sydney & Melbourne.

Below you can find hot topics covered in the presentation and links to the complete slide deck in PDF & SlideShare.

Slides as PDF: DK - GAUC 2016 - Deck - Understanding user journey.pdf

Slides on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/DmitryKlymenko1/understanding-user-journey-using-google-analytics-360

  • Navigation Path and User Behaviour
    • Do you know the top path visitors take on your website? For 85% of customers a real path is quite a surprise!
    • Navigation summary report
    • Beware of the confusing dimension name: Next Page Path (deprecated)
    • Internetrix uses science to determine the effect of each page on conversion probability
  • Google Analytics Flow Reports - a hidden gem
    • Users Flow report
    • Social / Users Flow report
    • Behaviour Flow
    • Events Flow
    • Goal Flow
      • Goal Flow is different from the Funnel visualisation. They both interpret the same data but visualise and treat it differently
    • Flow reports Tips & Tricks
      • Removing extra details is key
      • Apply Advanced Segments and filter by Dimension
      • Success depends on the right data collection
      • Visualised loop - wow moment!
  • User Explorer - non personalised individual journey analysis
    • Beware: PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
    • User ID vs Client ID
    • User ID is your own non PII identifier while Client ID is GA generated device (browser) ID
    • https://goo.gl/63R0lj - A comparison of your data with or without User ID
  • Conversion Path is important
  • Invaluable for struggle detection

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