Tip: Secure your computer with ZoneAlarm

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

Less than a minute to read

Our internet connection at the office, which is pretty ordinary in terms of its presentation to the world, has been getting hack attempts every 30 seconds or so, day and night.

Sourced from machines all around the world, these hacking attempts are almost never focused at us, and are hackers known as "script kiddies" looking for common and well-known security holes in computer software, mostly Windows.

If you are connecting to the internet without any form of firewall or security defence, you are asking for trouble. And because broadband internet connections are permanently connected, your risk skyrockets, especially during school holidays.

One of the best ways to combat this threat is free - it is a program called Zone Alarm, from Zone Labs. This service runs on your computer, monitoring traffic in and out of it, and does not permit anything in or out unless it is expressly permitted.

You can download Zone Alarm and protect yourself for free straight away from www.zonelabs.com. If you want, you can upgrade to Zone Alarm Pro for a small fee, which includes better tracking and tracking features than the free product.