Time's 2008 Top 50 Websites

Posted 12 years ago by Internetrix

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Time's_2008_Top_50_Websites_image_1 With plenty of news from the United States in late June that newspaper publishers are continuing to struggle, the power of websites as the medium of choice for advertising continues to explode. A www.smh.com.au article published on June 30, 2008 had an analyst quote, which lays it out very clearly:

The increasingly rapid and broad decline in the newspaper business in recent months has surprised even the most pessimistic financial analysts, many of whom say it's too hard to tell how far the slump will go. "They're in survival mode now," said Mike Simonton, a media analyst at Fitch Ratings, a credit analysis agency.

To keep an eye on the latest articles published daily about iconic mastheads struggle for survival stay in touch with Google News.

Here at Internetrix we have a strong sense that it won't be too long before the newspaper is viewed in the same vein as a VHS video tape or CD. You will still get the odd one or two but they will be viewed as things from an era gone by.

Of course news, information and advertising will still exist, just everyone will be using a variety of devices to get it from the internet. And to the annual list that we love to read, debate and review: Time Inc's Top Websites of 2008.


This year's list was broken into a number of different categories:

  • Advice and Facts
  • Info and Gossip
  • Handy Tools
  • Fun and Games
  • Hobbies and Interest

Here is a review of Time's Advice and Facts selections.


GasBuddy -> Pure gold, with unleaded prices heading towards $2.00 and diesel always 15 cents above that it won't be long until a site like this becomes a daily must for all car owners.

HowCast -> Need some light hearted fun. This video site does away with pdf user manuals and shows: How To Videos. How to do just about anything.

iliketotallyloveit.com -> We're not sure about how this made the list. More so something that might be here in a couple of years. Plenty of product specific review sites that are allready out there.