Tim Cope Journeys Launched

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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You may remember in our March Newsletter the introduction of Tim Cope as one of our newest clients.

Named as one of the top 25 athletes in the world by Outside Magazine in 2002, Tim is a Victorian Adventurer, who has made his mark on the world through a number of amazing feats, most notably his 10,000km journey from Moscow to Beijing on a recumbent bicycle.

Tim has recently pushed his first book, 'Off the Rails' which complements his incredible documentary DVD of this amazing tale of challenge, perseverance and adventure through some of the most isolated parts of the world, including Siberia, Outer Mongolia and the Gobi Desert.

Tim's new website, www.timcopejourneys.com is specifically dedicated to his previous journeys (including a three month, 24 hour per day rowing trip down the length of the Siberian Yensiey, the 5th largest river in the world) and a preview for his upcoming journeys.

Featuring an amazing photo gallery, discussion boards and more, this site is designed to act as a living, breathing resource for Tim and his interested followers as he prepares for his next journey, a walk to the North Pole. Because it is driven by a Content Management System (CMS) Tim can update the site from anywhere without technical training or software