Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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Almost all Australians who have been to a concert or an organized sporting event, particularly in NSW, in the last few years have probably bought their tickets from Ticketek. Purchasing tickets is something well suited to the internet, but even something as flimsy as a ticket has delivery and distribution problems.

In the past, tickets had to be purchased online and then either forwarded via registered post, or, if more convenient (or you are purchasing them too close to the event to have them posted), you can line up at the venue and pick the tickets up.

During the recent Rugby League finals series, some of the Internetrix crew decided to go up to an evening game on the afternoon a few hours before kick off. After logging onto Ticketek, we were able to choose our tickets and see our specific seats, and then purchase with a credit card, which, while impressive, was nothing new.

The really impressive thing occured when we were then asked if we wanted to print our own tickets! An email was forwarded with an attached PDF file, which when printed formed our tickets. The moment of truth came as we stormed straight up to the turnstiles from the car, avoiding the large line to pick up pre-booked tickets, and used our own printed sheets of folded A4 paper to sail straight on through.

This service is a must for this cricket season - try it out yourself