The Iraq Study Group Report

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

Less than a minute to read

December the 6th saw the release of the Iraq Study Group Report. The release of this report has seen blanket coverage in all forms of media in the last couple of weeks.

Depending on the editorial bias of the media organisation you read, watch or listen to, will have some what impacted what you have absorbed in regards to the report and its 79 recommendations.

The report has been published in paperback and is available from Amazon in new or used condition. At the time of this article being published to this website it was not available at Dymocks or Angus and Robertson

The Internet however provides the medium for a global release of any content or information. We thought it important therefore to provide a direct link straight to document to allow readers to see what was written for themseleves:

Download the Iraq Study Group Report

The link provided above jumps straight to the PDF download hosted by the United States Institute of Peace.

The report is only 90 odd pages long which includes a dozen or so pages of Appendix and other supporting documents and is actually quite readable.