The Internet - It Is Not A Media Product

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Just a quick little comment here on the confusion that many people have over the type of marketing medium that the internet represents.

Most of the excitement over the last few years has centred around the internet being a replacement for traditional, expensive media solutions for business marketing. Instead of a TV ad which only reaches the percentage of people that are watching the TV at that time, it was believed that a good website could reach almost anyone in the world, and for a fraction of the cost of TV ads.

The reality is quite different.

The internet is a relationship marketing tool, not a media marketing tool. The death of the Go network (a Disney media portal), the dramatic scaling back of the News Limited online division and the decay of NBCi, which are widely reported in the general media, are testament to this fact. Advertising is difficult to charge for when there are 500 million other TV channels out there to be watching.

Instead, smart businesses are realising that the internet is a relationship marketing tool, used to enchance and develop relationships on a "one to one" level in ways that were previously not possible or profitable.

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