The cost of petrol getting you down?

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Do you wonder about Petrol Stations colluding to force up the price of fuel?

Wish you could do a better price comparison, but know that doing so may cost you more in fuel and driving time then it saves?

How much does it annoy you to fill up and see another station in the next suburb offering the same fuel for 5 cents per litre less?

All of these things could become a thing of the past, with the Internetrix PetrolWatch.

The Internetrix PetrolWatch is the first hyper-local price analysis serivce to be offered in the Illawarra, and possibly the world. It is maintained by volunteers who submit prices using the web, and possibly soon, mobile phones.

You can compare prices, search by postcode and more.

To add stations, update prices and more, you have to sign up and become a member. Not only to members benefit from a sense of helping the community - there are great prizes to be won also.

This system is still in Beta testing phase, so please don't rely on the integrity of any of the prices listed just yet. If you get a chance on your way to work in the morning, please make a mental note of the prices of stations nearby. You can sign up and become a member and enter your prices right away.

This is just another example of a tailored e-business solution. If your business can benefit from tailored e-business developments, please reply to this email to contact Internetrix today.