The best is yet to come

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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In my opinion, real-time interactivity will be the real legacy of this revolution. Media Center calls this its "Online Spotlight", and it is basically a list of media-rich websites that are tailored for an interactive Media Center experience.

An outstanding example of this interactivity is the Reuter's digital news service, which a cross between a website and a TV channel with a news ticker. When you click on the ticker with your remote, it plays the video, or queues it to a playlist, allowing you to create a real-time, personalised news broadcast. Thanks to the content being stored centrally at Reuters, the speed with which you can get on-the-scene video news reports has never been better; they even have a special type of video, called "raw cut", which is a dump of the raw footage from reporters before it has been edited. The opportunities available to content-originating companies like Reuters - at the expense of the TV networks that just distribute their footage - are also quite immense [tip: buy shares in global content brands].