Introducing Telstra Country Wide

They say there are two things in life you can't avoid - death and taxes. In Australia, we could probably add a third: phone companies. In Australia, odds are, for many people - and businesses - working with Telstra or one of their competitors is a compulsory part of doing business today - you simply can't get by in this modern world without being connected.

The 'compulsory' nature of these dealings and the fact that mistakes happen often leaves people feeling frustrated. With most problems related to service and communication with customers, Telstra have taken concrete action to be more accessible and approachable to their customers, particularly businesses. In regional areas, this initiative is known as Telstra Country Wide - a geographically focused management team with customer service and technical staff who are there to help.

Telstra Country Wide was established 3 years ago to provide improved services for rural and regional customers by establishing local management teams in each region. Riding on the success of this initiative, the Illawarra region came under Telstra Country Wide management in January 2003.

Telstra country wide staff are available to assist any customer who is not satisfied with the results of their inquiries or the service they are receiving from Telstra. All of our customers are requested to raise their initial inquiry with Telstra's front of house staff via 13 22 03 for residential faults or 13 22 55 for business faults.

If your fault is not repaired to your satisfaction or you are experiencing ongoing issues with your service, then Telstra Country Wide's management team can be contacted on 1800 032 059 to escalate and manage your complaint through to a satisfactory conclusion.

The big difference between these guys and other parts of Telstra is that they a geographically focused, know their territory and are not 'departmentalised' in the same way as most of Telstra - they can help you across departments, across services, delivering the customer service and account management that most businesses really need.

In addition, Illawarra customers will find that Telstra Country Wide's working partnerships extend beyond repairs and connections to a number of community sponsorships. This support of the local community provides Telstra with an opportunity to thank their customers and provide further face to face contact.

At Internetrix, we have a good working relationship with the Telstra Country Wide team, who provide us with up-to-date information and alerts on issues such as ADSL outages, etc, with levels of detail and responsiveness that has not been possible through "official" departmental channels.

Unlike other departmentally focused parts of Telstra, staff at Country Wide are available to meet with their customers, at either of their offices in Wollongong or Mittagong, or on site at their customer's premises. In addition, they can bring with them all of the resources that are available through their local office: service and technical managers and support staff, communications consultants, project managers, mobile telephone specialists, billing and sales support - all provided without charge as part of the service that Telstra Country Wide offers to their customers. It just takes a phone call to arrange an appointment.

From our point of view, this has been a pretty major change in dealing with Telstra, and has given us a welcome and overdue level of support to help us to support you, our clients. If you are finding it hard to get answers, results or the level of service you deserve, give Telstra Country Wide a call 1800 032 059.

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