Blogs, blogs, blogs. It seems that being a part of the technology world these days means certain inundation of these things. But the more I hear, the more blogs I visit blogs, the more I'm realising they are a neat way to keep up with technology, world events and almost anything else. And there's even a search engine just for blogs.

As a blog beginner, the easiest way to find blogs material is to visit The search engine calls itself the "authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs" and tracks the number of links to a blog in real-time to help bring it the most relevant search results. When a blog is updated, Technorati automatically receives notification so it can effectively monitor what's going on in the blog community.

Technorati has predefined categories you can browse through including audio blogs, books, entertainment, humour, internet, movies, music, news, politics, technology, travel and more. You can then choose to filter search results by "authority" or by "freshness".

Other than the fact that it only searches blogs, what differentiates Technorati from other search engines is that it lets you easily find out what people are saying about you, your company, your products and even your competitors. Have a look at the results after doing an Internetrix search (

Technorati and the whole blog phenomena in general are shifting the way we use the net. Blog entries offer more uncensored perceptions and opinions on issues. Unlike most media websites, where content is filtered to reflect organisational ideals, the blog world is more self-censored - the inclusion of comments on most blogs also invites discussion, debate (and sometimes ridicule). Blogs have a conversational tone while news websites act more like a library. The true power of blogs come from the conversational tone of millions of people posting their ideas and having millions more comment on these ideas.

A lot of obscure and kind of funny stuff out there in the blogosphere if you want, but there is quite a bit of interesting, educated and helpful information too. Don't just take my word for it; check it out for yourself at But be forewarned. You might get so sucked in that you'll have your own blog up and going in no time.

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