Starting a website: How to get indexed by Google

Posted 12 years ago by Internetrix

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So, you've created a fancy website that advertises your services and products and uploaded it to the World Wide Web, but how will your potential clients find it? An effective solution is to get it indexed by Google, the number one search engine that processes hundreds of millions search queries every day. It has become general routine when looking for something online to visit a search engine and query a keyword. Considering Google is the most popular search engine, it is crucial for any online business to be indexed in their database and appear in their search results. The following article demonstrates how your website can be indexed by Google.

When most people hear "spiders" it is usually followed by some sort of agoraphobic reaction; however, in the search engine context, a "spider" is a piece of software that search engines use to "crawl" through the vast network of webpages, indexing the links, text and keywords of every page it visits. Google uses their spider, called the "Googlebot", to discover webpages and identify what they are about, so if a search query is ever entered that relates to that webpage then it can be displayed as a valid result. So now that you know this, how can you entice the Googlebot to visit your website? There are options:

  • submitting your URL direct to Google
  • submitting a sitemap
  • building inbound links to your website (you can also do all three)