Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security method for encrypting data while it is being passed over the internet. Many of us who have bought something online using our credit cards will be familiar with SSL through the appearance of the little padlock icon in the browser when we are on an SSL site.

Payment Processing is where the credit card details submitted via SSL are sent off to the EFTPOS banking system and approved or declined in real time, followed by the transfer of funds directly into your account.

Internetrix is proud to announce we have formed relationships with Verisign ( and Webpay ( to deliver highly competitive and integrated SSL and payment processing services, specific for Australia businesses.

SSL and Payment Processing are ideal where:
#You currently receive mail or fax orders containing credit card details, but want faster processing and the ability to avoid the hassles of confirming card details when you can't read a certain number;
#You offer a product or service that is delivered online, like a software download or access to subscription information - online systems can grant or deny access in real time, giving a better result to your customers; or
#You want to speed up the process of getting paid by giving your clients an alternative way to settle invoices than writing cheques

Internetrix can integrate your ordering and invoicing systems with SSL and Payment Processing quickly and easily, giving you the benefits of getting paid in real time online - a key tenant of e-business success.

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