Internetrix Announces SSL Security Service

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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Regardless of how your company uses its website, there are security aspects you should be aware of, aspects that customers are becoming more attuned to as they rely on the internet more in uncertain times. For your business, your online security is about encryption and trust, and the solution for most businesses is SSL.

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL for short, is an important edge for your business when dealing electronically with your clients and partners for two reasons.

1. Encryption - SSL tells your visitors, through the little padlock icon in their web browser, that their data is encrypted and safe from snoops and hackers while in transit.

2. Authentication - SSL reassures visitors to your website of your real world legitimacy, your identity and business legality, through the use of the highly regarded Verisign Seal - this tells visitors that Verisign has confirmed your identity, a critical element of trust in the otherwise anonymous environment of the Internet. This makes SSL a relevant issue for all businesses, not just for websites accepting credit cards online.

Internetrix is excited to announce a breakthrough into a new level of security for our clients, after signing an agreement with the world's leading Security and Trust company, Verisign.

Internetrix is now able to offer a new service for all our clients, where your website's content and transactions are delivered over SSL, the global standard for web encryption and authentication.

This technology allows the secure transmission of sensitive information between your visitors and your website. Sensitive information can include credit card details, personal details or business information entered on your website.

Internetrix is excited to announce that we can secure your website with SSL for a one off setup cost of only $399, compared with around $900AUD for a retail certificate from Verisign (based on International 1 Year Pricing at ), plus an annual licence renewal of even less - $250 at current prices. SSL places a much higher load on your web server as it needs to encrypt everything each time a page is served. This extra load, which is effectively a second website is covered by a convenient monthly premium of $20, which is paid alongside your regular hosting account.

The SSL certificate is integrated into your existing site content, allowing any change on your traditional website to be instantly reflected in your secure site, an advantage many other managed security companies can not offer. From a technical point of view, it actually means hosting two websites - one secure, one not.

To arrange for your site to be SSL encrypted, please contact Internetrix today, either by replying to this email or calling +61 2 4228 6464.