Shiraz or Merlot

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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What's been your most memorable experience at Internetrix so far?
It's been highly rewarding having developed relationships with a selection of academics from UOW who used to be my lecturers and tutors. The company is very fortunate to have an inside running to the cream of the IT students each year and for the last number of years we have hired through that referral network with these people now all holding key positions at Internetrix.

It's memorable because it's such a great thing for this company to tap into a talent pool, but also the region as people want to work and live in the Illawarra and slowly but surely we are helping to keep exceptional people here.

What do you like best about being part of the Internetrix team?
It's very rewarding to be able to delegate tasks and projects to all the various departments that exist within the company and get outstanding results presented back for review. This applies to our programmers, interactive designers, marketing and communications team, product roadmap team and solutions architects. I am not immune to being a bit short and demanding at times in pursuit of quality and excellence, but importantly the staff here are all experts in their areas and it is really is great to rely on that commitment and expertise.

What are you looking forward to most in the future at Internetrix?
We are right on the cusp of productisation. That is, if someone in the global business market goes to any search engine looking for an advanced website, or an online application submission and tracking system or any of our other solutions, they will be able to come to our website and be presented with our product pages that will deliver a rich user experience in not only reading about the features and functionality of our products but online video demonstrations and the ability to access free online trials.

The last 12 months have seen a concerted effort towards understanding how Google works and what SEO can really do for this business. It's going to be exciting to open up a new sales channel which is likely to be more powerful than our existing efforts combined. Both of those initiatives are truly exciting.

Shiraz or Merlot?
I've been taught and come to believe for myself that Merlot is a dirty word. Need I say more?