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Posted 4 years ago by Dmitry Klymenko

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Better Search engine Optimisation (SEO) in the China market.

Expanding on an article written before on SEO for China market , it would be fair to note that Baidu is not the only search engine in China and we find it beneficial to concentrate on additional search engines because they still handle heaps of searches and it is often much easier to beat competitors there and gain highly convertible organic traffic.


Today I am going to share some data about the ( search engine.

Since all search engines share a lot of similarities in terms of how they evaluate the quality and relevance of a website and its contents, what you have done for Google and Baidu for SEO may likely benefit your results in (360) Search as well. However, one thing you may need to pay attention to is that 360 ( will penalize a website if the website is found to be fraudulent or contains any type of online fraud. This make sense in China because online fraud is a big issue out there and 360 is a security company at heart. So it is important to test the security of your website and make sure your site is not vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks, and 360 has provided a free tool ( for anyone to test the security of his website.

When comparing Baidu and 360 Search, advertisers might choose 360 Search to enjoy ~50% less CPC costs and higher conversion rates on average, because:

  1. 360 ( Search claims to have a younger, well-educated audience with higher purchasing power than Baidu
  2. Less competition in terms of ad placements

Note that compared with Google and Bing, Chinese search engines tend to show far more Ads than organic search results, which makes SEO for Chinese search engines much less effective, especially for Baidu.

Finally, I have listed some popular 360 Tools that might be useful:

Happy CN SEO guys!

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