Seminars For Success: Google Analytics - Wollongong

Posted 11 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix's expertise in Google Analytics has again been ratified by Google with the Illawarra based company having been selected to run their Seminars for Success program in Wollongong, Brisbane and Auckland. The Wollongong seminars will be held on Tuesday 10th November and Wednesday 11th November at the Innovation Campus (iC).

Google Analytics Seminars for Success is a Google sponsored training program aimed at equipping delegates with the knowledge and skills to run a data-centric organisation based on maximizing Return-on-Investment and increasing website conversions.

"We actually got approached by Google to run these seminars for Google Analytics based on close affiliations with the company and expertise in the field," said Internetrix General Manager, Daniel Rowan.

Google Analytics is a free, web based analytics software that measures visitor behavior on websites. Google Analytics helps inform the decision making process because the information captured can be used to optimize any website, improve the conversion/cost ratio of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Adwords campaigns, as well as formulate and measure offline marketing campaigns.

"Without this sort of information, decision makers are really taking a stab in the dark when it comes to trying to get the most from their websites," said Mr. Rowan. "Too often we see people trying to make important decisions with really basic and essentially limited data like number of visitors and page views."

The first day of the seminar in Wollongong will provide an introduction to Google Analytics and introduce users to the basics of web analytics, explain the reports interface, as well as instruction in using the administrative interface to set up accounts, profiles, add users, and an overview of filters, goals, funnels, site search and linking analytics with Adwords.

The second day covers more advanced implementation of Google Analytics. It covers the basics of setting up and configuring your account to report on key metrics, all the way through to advanced report interpretation and configuration.

The flexible, two day format means delegates can select which day reflects their training needs. Alternatively, delegates can attend both days and gain a more thorough understanding of the Google Analytics tool. Both days are sure to impart actionable insights into Google Analytics, regardless of experience level. We are Google Analytics Wollongong Google Partner.

Both days are perfect for those in charge of marketing, business analysis, web development and sales. For more information on Google Analytics and Seminars for Success visit or call Internetrix on 1800 007 581.