Say What: RSS Feeds

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed is a format for syndicating web content, designed for sharing information published on other websites. The idea behind RSS is to make it more efficient for you to consume your favorite content.

Okay. Sounds complicated right? Not really. You use RSS to subscribe to the feed of a website, blog or other media content online. Most syndicated content involves data such as news feeds, event listings, project updates, excerpts from discussion forums and even corporate information. By subscribing, you do not need to continually visit your favorite websites. Instead, special software automatically brings the latest news back to your computer whenever the site has been updated.

To start, you need to download special news reading software to your computer. Many free programs are available - try visiting, or just do a Google search for "RSS Reader".

Once you have your newsreader setup you can find feeds. You can find these feeds by using one of the many popular feed search engines or by visiting any number of websites