Ride with Forrest

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Wollongong local and Internetrix customer David Issa is assuming the role of Forrest Gump and riding his bike from Sydney to Wollongong to raise $20,000 for MS Australia.

Taking place on Sunday 5 November, MS Australia has been busy organising the one day bike ride. Participants can choose between a 90km trek starting at St. Peters or a 56km trek starting at Heathcote. Regardless of the course participants choose, the scenery will be magnificent as they'll ride through the Royal National Park and for the first time in the event history, progress over the spectacular Seacliff Bridge.

David was initially motivated to raise money for the event as he's witnessed the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis. The chronic disease has no cure and those with MS are forced to live with its many detrimental effects. He hopes that by riding for the event, he can make a difference to the lives of those suffering from the disease.

So what's with the Forrest Gump motif? David's inspired by the movie character