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Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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With many clients taking a well deserved break over the Christmas period, there is a shorter list of recently completed projects to put out this month. Nevertheless, our team still found the time around the holiday season to turn out a couple of excellent new developments for clients.

Partners Developing Your Business
Partners, as they are known for short, is a progressive business advisory firm with roots firmly based in professional accounting advice. With a number of distinct business service areas, and a range of clients spread around those areas, Partners required a website that would provide flexible, secure access to restricted content, while at the same time leaving their staff in full control of the content and information contained in the site. Utilising a powerful and lightweight CRM solution to manage subscriptions across business units, Partners can limit access to certain clients, while also targeting specific groups for newsletter dispatches, saving them hundreds of dollars per message.
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Careers Advisors Association
CAA, as they are known for short, is a NSW based not-for-profit association that supports the individual needs of secondary school careers advisors. Often working solo in schools, sometimes with careers as only a part-time focus around other teaching responsibilities, careers advisors have a critical role in helping senior students navigate their way through the sometimes confusing often daunting process of choosing subjects, jobs, further education and of course careers. CAA provides a critical information and communication service for these people, running annual seminars and more regular newsletters. Adding to this communications arsenal is their new website, delivered by Internetrix to fulfill objectives of flexibility (achieved through the deployment of a CMS), active communication (achieved through the deployment of a e-newsletter) and visitor interaction (achieved through the deployment of an online message board).
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