Recent Projects - September 2003

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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BIS Shrapnel - BIS Shrapnel are one of Australia's leading forecasting firms. Internetrix and BIS have a healthy ongoing relationship which recently has delivered BIS a slightly altered website aesthetic but importantly a leap forward in the engine that they use to control the website content and downloadable reports. By increasing the ability to control their website and their downloadable reports, Internetrix has delivered a customized e-business solution that increase BIS Shrapnel's ability to maximize their website's effectiveness. Following a final upgrade of content, this site is due to go live in a couple of days at

WollongongOnline - Empower Australia approached Internetrix to provide a new home page design for the Wollongong Online portal. The brief was to deliver a design and access point that allowed one click away access to the 3 websites that Empower Australia control.
You can check out the new look at

Nightlive - A new demographic that Empower Australia sought to actively reach alongside it's initiative was the student population of region. Nightlive is a new website that is set up to allow the business of the Illawarra an access point for this often hard to reach age group. Meanwhile the student population has been made aware of this new site and the ability that is has to share be a forum for them to add blogs about any topic as well as read reviews and other information about specials that the business community is offering to them.
Check out Nightlive yourself, and even participate in one of their active Blogs at