Recent Projects - May 2004

Miltonbrook is one of the largest and most successful property developers in regional NSW, with a reputation for developing high quality, sustainable projects which create win-win results for their many stakeholders. Miltonbrook approached Internetrix some time ago to discuss their own website needs, and somehow they found the time in their busy schedules to work with us on the development of their own website, With an attractive look and feel, and details about their various projects - present and future - this is a functional site that has something for everyone.

Wright Home Loans
Wright Home Loan is a leading mortgage broker, with it's principal, Paul Wright, working all sorts of crazy hours to deliver first class service to his clients. Recognising the changing nature of the industry, and the need to deliver even better customer service, Paul engaged Internetrix to implement Affinity, our customer service application. With a rapidly growing business and customer base, Paul uses Affinity to track his clients and their applications, using technology like SMS messages to keep his busy customers up to date without inconveniencing them. While access to the system is obviously restricted, the best way to experience it is to give Paul a call if you're in the market for a loan or refinance - you can find out more at

Careers Advisers Association
The Careers Advisers Association is a membership based association for careers advisers in NSW, and originally commissioned Internetrix to develop their website almost 2 years ago. The Careers Advisers Association recently took advantage of our special offer on Freestyle upgrades, and commissioned Internetrix to upgrade their site to Freestyle Version 3. With a much more effective interface, managing this growing site is now a lot easier for Careers Advisers Association staff, and the upgrade of Connect has also meant a more flexible newsletter tool. You can check out the Careers Advisers Association site at

Bibles Society
Bible Society NSW went live with Affinity, the customer service tool, late in 2003. With extensive customisations for their donation management needs, Affinity so impressed two other states - Tasmania and Western Australia - that they too have come on board with Affinity from the Bible Society NSW's office in Macquarie Park. This approach is only possible because Affinity is web-based - field staff in WA can work with their records which are stored back in the system in Sydney as if they were on their own system, quickly, easily and securely. For more information on how Affinity has worked for the Bible Society, drop us a line.

Southern Councils Group Upgrade
The Southern Councils Group is a representative organisation for a range of South Coast councils, stretching from Wollongong in the north to the Victorian border. Following a name change and re-branding late last year, Southern Councils commissioned Internetrix to upgrade their previous web presence and make their site more professional, flexible and easy to use than ever before. By implementing Freestyle, Southern Councils can now modify their site quickly and easily, responding to changing needs and urgent messages, particularly their leading role in Phocus, the campaign to upgrade the Princes Highway. Check out their new site at

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