Recent Projects - August 2003

Previously known as Geenty Brown Orthodontists, Smileteam is a leading Specialist Orthodontic practice with Centres in Wollongong, Shellharbour and the Southern Highlands. As part of a broader rebranding exercise, the Smileteam engaged Internetrix to develop a website in conjunction with Wisdom Graphic Design & Advertising. Driven by the Freestyle CMS, and including an up-sized version of the Connect Newsletter and customer database, this site will form a central hub of future customer service initiatives for this professional practice.
Check them out online at

Illawarra Alliance Online Petition
The Illawarra Alliance is, as its name suggests, an Alliance of representative organisations working to create better outcomes for the Illawarra region, just south of Sydney, Australia. The Alliance has recently focused a lot of energy at getting government support for a container terminal at Port Kembla, and as a part of this campaign, the Illawarra Business Chamber (a member of the Alliance) approached Internetrix to develop an online petition. This tool allows people to sign up to a petition, and then also email their personalised comments to relevant ministers and other public officials. This makes it easy for anyone to voice their concerns and have their message delivered instantly.
Check out the petition at

Empower Australia, managers of, recently undertook a new project for the youth marketplace centred around the university student demographic, known as Nightlive. Including maintained content through a series of specialist writers, as well as a public 'blogging' section for people to post their own pages, and the ability to post photo-galleries, Nightlive is a single destination for a range of entertainment and youth-culture updates. Driven by an enhanced version of Freestyle to provide easy control for Nightlive webmasters, this site was turned around in less than a week - an outstanding effort by all involved.
Check out the new site at

Access Business Lawyers Surveys
Access Business Lawyers is a business law practice with offices in Wollongong, Campbelltown and Parramatta. Recognising the importance of customer service to their business, the Access team approached Internetrix to develop a range of online surveys. Anonymous in nature, and covering a range of short answer questions, these tools are designed to gather some concrete feedback from clients regarding their experience and perceptions of the Access Lawyers operation, helping identify areas of strength as well as points for improvement.
Due to the nature of these surveys, the best way to get a look is to contact Access Lawyers via

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