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Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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Kells - as announced in our September newsletter, Kells selected Internetrix from an extensive tendering process to develop their new internet presence. The new Kells website went live in December, and is one of our largest and most complex Freestyle deployments to date. Including advanced functionality that effectively splits the site into two styles and themes, the Kells website also boasts hundreds of pages of informative and relevant content, arranged in an easy to follow format. If you don't want to use the easy to navigate structure, you can always use the built-in search engine, and with a short trip around their site, it is easy to see why this business is achieving sustainable growth in a competitive environment.
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Mosquito Control - it's that time of year, when the great outdoors and beautiful weather are curtailed in a frenzy of frustration... the high pitched buzzing sound can only mean one thing - mosquitoes. For those of us who enjoy our backyards and don't appreciate having to get lathered up in cream or doused with spray to keep these blood-suckers away, a new product is available. Known as the Mosquito Magnet, this product does just what it says - acts as a magnet, attracting mozzies and trapping them, over a range of more than 90m from the device. This website showcases this amazing product, answering a range of questions including how it works, and linking through to product sections including prices and features.
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Bishop, Hitchcock and Irwin Architects - after quite some time in gestation, Internetrix is excited to announce the launch the new website for BHI. Considering their great results in the 2003 Architectural Design Awards for their fit out of Adecco's Wollongong office, it is easy to see why the BHI team has been so busy! Their new website makes heavy use of imagery in the image ticker in the navigation bar, which dynamically collects a selection of their work, displaying it in a constantly moving slide-show. With contact details for their many offices and a comprehensive news list, this site is a great one to visit if you want to see some great architectural work in action.
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ADTOA - the Australia Doctors Trained Overseas Association is an active political lobby group that works with State and Federal Governments around Australia to represent the interests of doctors trained overseas. Given their limited funding and resources, ADTOA threw almost everything they had into their website, and now it is backed by a professional design, Freestyle for content and Connect for communication. A gradual process over the last few months, the ADTOA website is a key tool for this worthwhile charity to go about their work.

Sportslive - almost 12 months ago, we announced the last upgrade to Sportslive, and following the success of this innovative website, we are please to announce another upgrade has been completed to make it even more powerful. Sportslive is a community service, designed to capture and share the sports results from junior and amateur sports. Using a comprehensive results engine that supports cricket, hockey, soccer and netball, this tool is used by thousands of people a week to keep track of draws, tables and fixtures, as well as news and updates. Sportslive is now driven by Freestyle with a few major modifications, and allows the administrators of sports to publish much more information on the site than was possible before.
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