Recent Launch: Wollongong Nightlife

Internetrix is thrilled to announce the launch of revamped entertainment website, Wollongong Nightlife. Created for the RDL Group, the portal boasts links to five of Wollongong's most well-known entertainment venues: Glasshouse Tavern, Bourbon Street, Rusty's, Abbey's and The Harp Hotel.

"We needed to fix up the original site as it was not updated regularly," said Wollongong Nightlife Managing Director Lou Ristov. "We wanted to keep people interested in the business and we knew this could be accomplished through an updated website."

Drawing interest to the site is exactly what Internetrix helped Wollongong Nightlife do. Since its initital launch in May traffic has increased dramatically. In July alone Wollongong Nightlife had over 100,000 visits, with visitors staying around for a while and registering over 300,000 page requests per day. The numbers remain steady, and the inclusion of a regular email promotion program has delivered a tangible return on investment as the venues move into their traditionally busy summer period.

Both Wollongong Nightlife and Internetrix feel the websites popularity stems from how well it serves the needs of its target audience

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