Recent Launch: Southern Highlands Food & Wine

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is pleased to announce the launch of the Southern Highlands Food & Wine website.

Situated just 90 minutes from Sydney, the Southern Highlands is quickly becoming known for quality wine, phenomenal restaurants and stunning natural beauty. The areas first vines were planted 20 years ago and in the last few years the number of vineyards, cafes and restaurants has grown significantly.

Even The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living section has good things to say about the area, "This region of hills and hedges, wood fires and wooly jumpers overflows with people who love food. Shops and cafes, jam-stirrers and mayonnaise-makers abound."

The Southern Highlands Food & Wine (SHFW) Project was an initiative of the Southern Highlands Vignerons Association to bring together food producers, retailers, restaurateurs and wine makers in the area, to promote the region as a food and wine destination.

With the assistance of federal, state and local government funding, SHFW needed to create an informative, functional site. "The goal of the site was to make available to the public, knowledge of what we do in the area," said Alastair Graham, Vignerons Association president and Bou-Saada Vineyard & Wines owner. "We also wanted the ability to trade between partners of the Food & Wine Trail."

Prior to Internetrix involvement, the SHFW website displayed a limited amount of information about SHFW and its sponsors. The project needed a website that presented a blend of tourism and business information with a pleasing and professional aesthetic.

Today the site does that