Recent Launch - QPS Ltd

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is pleased to announce the launch of a new website and client portal for Sydney-based health care quality auditors QPS.

Quality Performance Systems is Australia's first choice for Aged Care and Day Surgery benchmarking. An innovative service provider, QPS have been providing quality benchmarking services since 2000 and are renowned as the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the Aged Care industry.

Drawing on over 50 years experience in the Health & Aged Care industry, QPS offer a range of benchmarking services to help improve the overall performance of a large number of health care facilities. QPS clients now have access to the services of their QPS quality advisers through the website in a secure forum, anywhere, anytime. Check out their new website at

QPS assist health care facilities by providing clear statistics to management about how the facility is operating, as well as being able to compare the performance to industry standards. QPS also works with each client to ensure that a program of continual improvement is implemented and maintained. The wealth of expertise and experience at QPS allows the team to be a mentor to their clients for achieving best practise and gaining accreditation in ACSA, ACHS and ISO standards.

QPS's dedication to working closely with their clients, as well as an increasing level of enquiries about services being offered through the Internet led QPS to engage Internetrix to redesign their website as well as offer special services that only QPS clients can access. QPS clients can now access all of their reports and documentation online, in a special area that is dedicated to each client. Clients have access to their past reports, special resources, as well as forums for discussing the ways that other health care facilities are working to improve their service. The QPS portal is an interactive resource for health care professionals to collaborate with staff from other facilities to help raise the levels of service offered across the board.

The interactive website can be maintained and updated at any time by QPS staff, through the Internetrix content management system - Freestyle. This gives QPS a great deal of flexibility in keeping the content of their website inline with the current state of their company. The modularity of Freestyle allows for the additional features like the forums and restricted client access to be administered by QPS staff for greater internal control. QPS have also found great value in using Connect, the Internetrix e-newsletter tool, to keep their client base across Australia and New Zealand informed of the latest developments in their industry.

If you would like to find out more about the range of services offered by QPS, their website can be found at or you can call their office on 02 9211 6999.