Rat Brain Flies Plane

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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A University of Florida scientist has created a living "brain" of cultured rat cells that now controls an F-22 fighter jet flight simulator. Professor Thomas DeMarse, from the University of Florida Biomedical Engineering department, grew a culture of rodent brain cells in a dish on top of an electrode grid. While initially these cells were independent and disconnected, they soon extended microscopic lines to each other, creating a functioning neural network.

What is really incredible about this experiment is that Professor DeMarse could have a "two way" interaction with the cells through the electrode grid. By attaching the rodent cell culture to an F-22 flight simulator, the 25,000 brain cells learned to fly the aircraft.

To find our more about this incredible project, check out the Discovery Channel article, a story on Wired News or Thomas' own page at the University of Florida.

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