Michael Caruana

Senior Software Developer

I write code for websites and sometimes I write words for humans too.

Posts by Michael Caruana for The Blog:

13 September 2018

Be your own Git superhero! The Git commands that will save the day.

Approximate reading time: 3 minutes

27 June 2018

the incredible secret to building forms in react

I've tried to follow the React way of building forms and it is a baffling, complex exercise.

1 March 2018

5 forgotten or new javascript tricks you need

JavaScript is a forgiving language, ideal for eager new developers to monkey around with. Most people would be forgiven for thinking that it has never been updated... but they'd be wrong! Here's five productivity boosters (or language refreshers) for earning your bananas.

22 February 2018

Why your server can't live forever: 4 crucial reasons to upgrade

You've endured a big but successful project to get your website up and running and it's been happily doing it's thing for a few years now.

30 January 2018

Ramblings about password security and how you can better secure your data

There was a time when a password was the gatekeeper to your security. Nowadays the humble password is being sneered at. There are new alternatives, but what risks to they pose? And is there already a better way?

11 July 2016

How to create sensibly designed webpages like you're playing tetris

We've noticed a trend where customers are asking for webpages with richly-styled content areas that they can move around.

22 March 2016

Developer's tips for using Composer

Composer is a great way to manage code dependencies from various repositories for your website. However it can get a bit messy when trying prepare a development site for a...

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