PeopleServe Inc

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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With a high churn rate of job vacancies PeopleServe will no longer need to outsource the management of their job listing pages and will not need to rely quite as much on other website postings as a way to finding suitable qualified candidates.

Freestyle will control all web content as well as the job vacancies while Connect will enable a more frequent channel of interaction with staff who are on site acting as contractors and potential clients.

Despite the time zone difference, Boston is 14 hours behind AEST, interaction between us has been straightforward and responsive. They leave clear instructions at the end of their work day and when they wake up the progress for the day greets them.

We look forward to launching PeopleServe in the upcoming weeks and are grateful for the opportunity to have our first foray into the massive market that is the Northeast corridor of the US.

Existing online presence is available at