Online Intimacy - get aroused

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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In our August newsletter, we discussed the need for websites to strive for higher levels of online intimacy to realize their potential. Online intimacy is all about you getting to know your customer, and vice versa, using your website or other online tools.

One of the biggest challenges to be overcome with any website or electronic communications tool is to arouse a response from the anonymous users who visit your site. How many of us would consider visiting a store, hanging around for 15 minutes, and walking out without even being acknowledged by a staff member as good service?

If your website does not encourage online intimacy, then that is the kind of store you are running.

Increasing your levels of online intimacy is a lot harder than building a relationship in an offline, face to face world. Online, people are used to being anonymous, and the strange times of day and night that they surf your website, not to mention the technical challenges, often makes real-time support difficult to achieve (although we will show you how to make that happen in later months). However, we believe, just because it is harder does not mean you shouldn't try.

A good example of a tool designed to boost online intimacy is the small helper on the right of any page on our website. This helper is in place to do two things: firstly, he is a simple way for people to provide us with feedback, and secondly, he can get rankings of our pages, should people wish to provide us with feedback and commentary of that nature.

By using some old fashioned smarts with some clever technology, we can also make him interact with the user. For example, our online helper knows how many pages you have been to on the website, and if you have spent more than a certain amount of time clicking around (and thus seem to be someone interested in what you are reading, as opposed to someone who is just browsing quickly through), he will wake up and talk to you, asking if you would like some help or have some feedback to give.

The benefit of this kind of approach is that we are avoiding those annoying pop-up boxes that are so common in websites today - how often do you go to a website, and, having been there for a whole 10 seconds, get asked to do one of those surveys? What kind of feedback do you think I can provide you considering the homepage has not even loaded yet? Technically, the helper runs in his own little space, sending comments and feedback without you needing to leave your place or page - quick, easy and convenient.

If you are interested in working to arouse more online intimacy from your website, contact us today. You don't even need to be hosting your site with us, and if you are, then this can be a valuable edition to your regular monthly stats provided as part of your package. To find out more, don't hesitate to contact us today.