Online intimacy - get to know your online visitors

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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Imagine you had a shop that had 200 people per day come in and have a look around. And imagine you were standing there behind the counter, not making eye contact, not asking them if there was anything you could help them with.

And imagine if each of these 200 people then left your store, and you didn't know if they were men or women, old or young? Imagine if you didn't know what products they looked at, and which ones they didn't?

And finally, imagine that rather than spending your time and energy serving them when they were in your store, you spent all your time and energy (and money) just trying to get them to the store, and then assuming that just getting them to walk in was a measurement of success?

Shamefully, this world of madness is actually the reality for most websites, with more emphasis on "hits" - people walking into the store - than on customers, people or service.

In coming months, Internetrix will be introducing a range of techniques, initiatives and tools, all aiming to increase the 'intimacy' between you and your online visitors.

The process of building online intimacy is not easy due to the anonymous and technology centred nature of internet interactions. By default, people who hit your website are anonymous, and in most cases, your visitors like that - forcing them to enter a username or password to view your company profile is a sure-fire way to make them view someone else's profile!

While technology can be a foe, it can also be a friend too. An example would be the use of tracking variables through a website - when someone comes in, you can follow their movements through your whole website; imagine trying to do that in a retail store without being seen as creepy!

If you have any questions on how you can increase the online intimacy through your website, don't hesitate to email us, and stay tuned to this space in coming months for a series of hints and tips that will help you realise a better return on your online investment.