Omnidrive Goes Global

It's no secret that our Managing Director, Geoff McQueen has just returned from three weeks overseas. But while you might think be thinking 'wow, that lucky guy taking time off just after Christmas holidays', that's not exactly the case. Geoff's been in the heart of the world's innovative technology scene, working hard to secure funding from some of Silicon Valley's top investors.

California? Investors? What the heck is going on? Well, here's the scoop.

The funding is for Omnidrive, a service that gives people the ability to store all their files online, making them available from anywhere. Additionally, Omnidrive has advanced features built in to share and publish files, as well as enabling people to instantly subscribe to content, even large video and audio content like Podcasts.

A result of a partnership* between Internetrix and Solutionstap (headed by Nik Culbrilovic) formed in early 2005, Omnidrive is one of the few Aussie start-ups to cause such excitement in the Valley in recent times.

Geoff and Nik's trip was set to be a scoping and meeting mission, and as it turns out, went even better than expected. When they arrived in the U.S. interest in Omnidrive exploded, with hundreds of references and mentions by influential bloggers.

With a hectic schedule of meetings geared to an initial round of funding, Geoff and Nik spoke with some of the biggest names in the technology game

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