New Site: IssaCorp

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix launched another exciting website in May; this time for Illawarra-based Issacorp Property Development.


Focused on delivering high quality products while introducing fresh ideas and innovations, Issacorp has over 40 years of experience in the residential and commercial property development markets.


"We needed a website to coincide with the launch of our Synergy project - a new A-grade office space development - the prospective clients looking at the building are national, international and government organisations," said Issacorp Director David Issa.

Synonymous with the delivery of premium products, Issacorp also wanted the website to reflect the business' professional aesthetic. To maintain consistency, a careful consideration for Issacorp was that the website stuck to established corporate branding.


"We wanted to make full use of existing imagery and take advantage of using Flash,"said David. "Yet we wanted something minimalist, simple and effective."


With Internetrix' help Issacorp now has a website that reflects its professionalism.


The site is divided up into five other sections - Residential, Commercial, Contracting, Company Profile and Contact - ensuring it's simple to navigate. Throughout these pages floor plans, photos and other information encourage users to click through to more detailed descriptions of Issacorp's various developments.


"We worked closely with Internetrix and the result is totally in keeping with what we outlined," said David.


Now Issacorp can gain the attention of high-caliber clients and communicate easily with them.


"Communication is definitely the biggest benefit so far. It's already assisted with the Synergy process. Someone will call from out of town inquiring about a particular floor plan size I just direct them to the appropriate floor on the website where they can print themselves a large copy."



The site ultimately demonstrates Issacorp's professionalism, dedication, and ability to create projects that are high in design, comfort and quality.


"Feedback has been good, very good," David said. "The website improves communication and gives our company more integrity in our marketplace."