New Service - Integrated Maintenance

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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In response to the feedback of you, our valued clients, Internetrix is pleased to announce a new, highly responsive, high-service offering - Integrated Maintenance.

This service, an add-on to your hosting account with us, is designed to service and support your business more quickly and easily in the smaller technical issues that come up from time to time. Whether it is making a small touch-up on a webpage, adding a new email account, or making a change to server settings to support your LAN, Integrated Maintenance is the service you need.

Integrated Maintenance also provides a way for you and your business to save on your normal maintenance rates. By including a certain amount of maintenance into your hosting account on a monthly basis, you can save more than 30% on your normal maintenance rate.

For many of our clients, we would recommend including 1/2 an hour worth of monthly maintenance per site hosted. So, if you are on an entry-level website plan of $39.95/month, this would take your monthly hosting and maintenance account to $79.95, which would include 1/2 an hour of integrated maintenance. This half an hour would be enough to make changes to a couple of pages in the site, add a couple of email accounts, or help you through the process of transferring and renewing a domain name. If you find you need to perform more maintenance regularly, we can increase the amount of included maintenance, ensuring a continuing saving of more than 30%.

If your needs for maintenance and support are fairly limited, Internetrix can provide maintenance on an ad-hoc basis for your business at our normal hourly rate, with the bill being settled at the same time as your hosting account.

Including maintenance in your hosting gives you the confidence to make changes as you need to, without the hassle of arranging it with us as a new development. It also gives your organisation a financial reason to look at the website on a monthly basis, making small improvements and changes to ensure it stays fresh and active for your visitors.