New Server Commissioned

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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It involved a lot of planning, late nights and configuration work, but it happened last Wednesday night just after midnight - the new Internetrix server as commissioned, with all websites, email accounts, databases and domain names moving over almost instantaneously to a brand new, high powered server in a new data-centre.

What are the benefits of the move, you may ask? In short, it positions Internetrix to be able to provide some of the most advanced hosting services in the market while retaining the high-service, friendly access that has been a hallmark of our hosting offering compared to the large hosting companies around the nation and the world.

In greater detail, the new server offers a number of advantages on the old setup.

The new server is much faster and more powerful than the last server, offering dual Xeon processors and up to 4GB of memory - some serious grunt to deliver content and complex dynamic content faster than ever.

Facilities & Management
The server is located in a commercial grade data-centre with 24 hour security access, and most importantly, it is being monitored and managed 24/7, which is particularly important with the increasing number of international clients we support. In line with this, hardware, backups and security are being provided by a third party with experience in managing infrastructure and networks for some of the world's largest corporations, including BHP Billiton. Finally, the facility has it's own backup power supply (120kVA - for the technically minded) to provide extra redundancy.

Internet Connections
As an internet server, all the memory, security and management equates to nothing without a reliable and fast internet connection. After passing through a router and a managed firewall for security, Internetrix is connected directly to the SPT backbone - SPT delivers most of the digital TV signals to the Australian eastern seaboard via their own microwave network, which inter-connects into high-capacity international networks. We think the only people who get more upset about losing connection than us are TV Networks, and their backing has ensured that no expense is spared in delivering a robust, reliable network benefiting you, our clients.

If you are already a hosting client of Internetrix and want to know more, don't hesitate to email. If you aren't hosting with us yet - you should be. Call us today to find out how much better off you would be with Internetrix.