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Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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Last month we featured a list of our newest development projects. With a few months between newsletters, there were quite a few to fit into the list. This month we have some more examples of businesses leading the way through their use of the internet, with the support and enablement of Internetrix.

CouncilTech - portal websites were all the rage in the late 90's, with names like Yahoo and NineMSN all competing for space as media products. With a large number of these sites now charging for listing services, it would seem that portal is a dirty word. Not any more. Counciltech, an initiative of PortalTech, is a revolutionary new development that aims to support the Technology and Communication Manager in Local Government. Providing integrated messaging, news, events and resources for IT managers in Council environments, this development is one of the more technically extensive that Internetrix has undertaken. Vendors with IT solutions are able to sign up to the site, and through a comprehensive search system, IT managers can use it as a reliable source of information when spending rate-payers money.
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Handy Managers - management consulting is something that the big end of town has been on to for years. However, the small and medium sized end of the market is often put-off by management consulting due to the need to enter into long projects with uncertain costings. Handy Managers offers a solution to this problem, providing effective management consulting services for business when they need it. By providing direction and support on-tap, businesses can take advantage of expert consulting services without losing track of budgets. The Handy Managers website extends this philosophy, including a great, free newsletter that all people in a management role should subscribe to.
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Wollongong Conservatorium of Music - The Convservatorium ("The Con") provides a wide range of music education programs, including childhood music education and specialist tutoring. Knowing the joy of music is in the performance, The Con also run regular, open air and concert style events free of charge from their location in the beautiful Wollongong Botanic Gardens. Run off one of our new content management systems, staff @ The Con can create and edit pages without any technical training or special software. Check out the site for their calendar of events, and if you have ever wanted to learn more about music but never known where to start, contact them via the website.

Balloons N Everything - the name says it all; this business has everything to do with parties and functions! Balloons N Everything's website is the first stage in a full e-business strategy, which will eventually provide the ability to order from their range of more than 4000 products online. Currently focused on presenting their support for a wide range of parties and events, the website is destined to grow and evolve over time.