New Product - Turbo Demo

Posted 18 years ago by Internetrix

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Every once in a while we come across a little gem laying in the corner of the internet; something that has application far and wide, and which would solve many problems within a business.

One of these little gems is a product called "Turbo Demo". It allows for the simple, effective creation of interactive demonstrations and training tools based on screen captures and user inputs, and supports formats that make for incredibly small demos.

While there are other screen capture products in the market, many of them create presentations that are incredibly large, and which are not suited to internet distribution. Others again are barely interactive - they only support forward and backwards user control and interaction.

Turbo Demo solves this problem through a very easy to use interface for recording, editing and then publishing demonstrations.

This product is ideal for creating short or long training presentations of anything that is screen based. It supports all the features you would expect, like call-out boxes and interactive mouse movement, but best of all, by using Flash, you can make the files very small and accessible, even over the internet.

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