New Port Kembla Port Corp Site

Posted 15 years ago by Internetrix

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This month Internetrix is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Port Kembla Port Corporation website. Designed to give the Port's stakeholders access to timely and relevant communications, the new site does this and more. "We need to be able to keep the new website fresh by regularly updating it with easy-to-use tools," said Rod Thompson, Port Kembla Port Corporation's IT Manager.

The Port Kembla Port Corporation (PKPC) is a Statutory Corporation of the NSW Government responsible for administering, managing and growing the port of Port Kembla. Servicing Metropolitan and regional NSW, PKPC provides a number wharf and property assets for unloading, loading and storing cargo. Located an hour south of Sydney, Port Kembla is conveniently placed to service its markets.

With stakeholders ranging from government to local residents, PKPC must provide professional, timely and relevant communications, shipping schedules, port access information and interactions with anyone from coastal services. In more recent times Port Kembla has taken on a more diverse role as a result of the government relocating some port activities from Sydney Harbor.

To reflect its new functions and better service its customers, PKPC saw the need for a cost effective website that could take advantage of the latest cutting edge website technology. "We wanted a fresh looking page with the ability of end users to do the content management," Rod said.

To help solve the problem, PKPC brought Internetrix on board as part of a consulting project. Internetrix found that although the PKPC website already had some advanced functionality, there was definitely room for improvement as the site was almost five years old and many technical advances could be added to better serve PKPC.

So Internetrix created a new website for PKPC and implemented Internetrix Freestyle