New Internetrix website launched!

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Happy times at Internetrix. We're ecstatic, thrilled, pumped, stoked, and can't even think of any more adjectives to describe how we feel about having a new website. Like the mechanic with the old jalopy of a car, the Internetrix website often gets neglected as we're busy building killer websites and applications for our clients. But look out - the new website is here and it's a vast improvement focused at showcasing our increasingly sophisticated and proven range of products in customer, project, knowledge and content management.

We started with the goal to redesign the site to allow easier identification of our products and services. This was achieved through a complete restructuring of our primary navigation and improved use of our product logos from the home page. We also were keen to place more of an emphasis on our hundreds of pages of news content by creating an Articles button. We're not finished with the site either, it's soon to feature video demonstrations of our products to further assist the goal of increased lead generation directly from our site.

In building the website, we wanted to embrace the common principles of 'Web 2.0', such as curved edges, more white space, and larger text. That being said we wanted the site to be considered attractive, but not make it so trendy that in six months it would not be 'out of style.'

To account for that, in the design phase we focused heavily on interlinking high quality content and the ability to provide blog features through Freestyle. After a number of planning sessions, our site concept developed into a more simplified design and layout with particular focus on content and products.

The result of our efforts is a new site that we're all extremely proud of. The homepage is much easier to navigate while the product pages prove to be significant landing points, showing off some totally new features.

With all the great changes, some things have stayed the same. We're still using Internetrix Connect, our electronic newsletter tool, to send out newsletters. And Freestyle stayed too - in fact, its ability to drive so many different layouts and product features impressed even our engineers. Internetrix' content management tool is absolutely critical because it allows us to keep fresh and exciting content on the site.

Keep your eyes out in the not-so-distant future for features such as product videos and more!

We hope you all enjoy the new site!