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This month's pushing the envelope is also a little close to our hearts, where we take you "behind the scenes" of our newly launched website,

After the launch of our last website in early March 2003 to coincide with our third birthday, we got a range of feedback from a range of people including clients and associates.

While the previous website broke new ground from a technical point of view by including XML (a powerful way of sharing content for different displays) into a Flash animated navigation bar, there was some feedback that people found it a little too difficult to get information on what we could do for their business.

As a result of this process, our team performed a lot of research into how to best portray our message to the market online, and the first step in this process is the major redevelopment of our website at

Reflecting our broad experience in solution delivery, the site contains a rich selection of case studies presented through each page in the website. Clear identification of success stories allows the website to be a powerful tool for new and existing clients to learn from the experiences and successes of other businesses.

An additional feature of the website is its extensive traffic tracking - we are able to measure with great accuracy traffic on a page by page basis, and also measure the path that visitors take through the website to tell us which pages are the most effective.

We will be introducing more features in coming months to increase interactivity and also highlight our new products and brochures.

If you have a moment to spare, please take a few minutes to click around our new website and give us some feedback on what you think.

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