New Initiatives at Internetrix

Internetrix' ever expanding team became one person stronger this month with our newest Solutions Architect, Nik Cubrilovic. A self-described technologist, software developer and blogger, Nik's experience as a web, desktop, and console developer in both UNIX and Windows platforms has already been a great benefit to Internetrix.

Nik brings with him solid international experience working in the United Kingdom and South Africa. While in London, Nik founded a technology solutions and software development company called Solutionstap. Since that time, he has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and other media outlets for his leading role in exposing security vulnerabilities in major systems around the world. As well, Nik has spoken at a number of conferences including last month's Ruxcon Security Conference at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Some of our clients may have already met Nik as he has been working together with Internetrix for the past few months on an exciting new product scheduled to be launched in the new year.

With his knowledge and passion, Nik will be helping Internetrix with some unique and exciting endeavors. With his help, Internetrix has started a new line of offerings focused on one of his greatest passions: internet security. The unique suite of security solutions includes content protection, security audits, policy development, network maintenance and network protection.

Internetrix' content protection solution prevents malicious attackers from obtaining the content of a public website, ensuring the core value of online content is preserved. This content protection is a one of a kind solution in the Australian market and is not only efficient, but also cost effective.

As a result of Nik's initiatives, Internetrix is pleased to announce EAC as another new client. EAC is Australia's largest independent real estate organisation, offering a range of services for agents. Internetrix will be servicing EAC with network and security projects and maintenance. We are sure that that more great news will come of this work - keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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